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About us


The request to establish an anesthesia research center was first submitted to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of the University on   June 1,2008 by the Department of Anesthesiology and Special Care   And  Dr. Parvin Sajedi was appointed by the university as the person in charge of setting up the center. On   Septe29,2009  the university administration approved the establishment of the center and sent the request to the relevant ministry, and on  April 26,2010  the Ministry of Health agreed in principle with the establishment of the center. Dec22,2010 started operating. On   Dec27,2015 this center succeeded in obtaining a final agreement .




1-Active participation in guiding theses of internship, residency in anesthesia department and other related fields

2- Improving the quality and quantity of research and targeting research in the university and supporting researchers in this field

3- Developing the use of applied research results in solving problems and increasing society's awareness of the necessity of research to improve their health

4- Improving the quality and quantity of the center's scientific and research information services through the website, mobile applications and other communication platforms

5- Improving the quantitative and qualitative level of cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, global organizations and domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations, in order to implement joint research projects and hold specialized journal clubs

6- Development and application of human knowledge in the field of anesthesia and special care

7- Conducting basic and applied research in order to improve the processes and improve the quality of medical services

8- Setting up disease registration systems in the areas of special care and anesthesia and other related areas



A dynamic, innovative and creative research center through basic and applied research in the health and treatment system of the country in the field of anesthesia and special care


The mission of this center as an anesthesia and intensive care research center is to lead, guide, advise and conduct organized research to try to promote health by completing the circles of science, research, technology, production and exploitation of knowledge and Expand the frontiers of knowledge


Anesthesiology and Critical Care Research Center, Isfahan University of

Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran